Pretty in Preggo | Minnesota Maternity Photographer

I can't honestly say I've really ever enjoyed being pregnant. That being said, I am just overjoyed and overly excited when other people are. There is just something really amazing about growing a baby, in a belly! And have I mentioned that pregnant ladies are extremely adorable? Laura is no exception. She is a glowing mommy to almost 3!

Gorgeous! She does pregnancy well!

Who said pregnancy can't be sexy?

Big bro Noah (whom I've photographed on several occasions!) giving baby sister a kiss!

And this next collection I like to call Bliss and Chaos! Completely perfect in its imperfection!

And we had a ton of fun painting mom's belly!

Absolutely stunning! Lucky lady lookin' so good at almost 30 weeks!

Laura will be welcoming her sweet baby girl into the family in June and I am lucky enough to follow her from pregnancy to age one! I can't wait to meet her. She is a lucky little girl being born to such an amazing and loving family, with 2 big bros to watch out for her! I had fun yesterday Laura and you look fabulous!


  1. Wow, she is adorable. Love the paint on the belly pic, so cool! Great job!

  2. Great photos! I love the painted belly!

  3. Great Photo's!
    L You look Wonderful!!

  4. Beautiful photos Laura, Congrats in being the mother of almost 3! I am excited to see the newest one. Farrah