Cutest little baby face | Twin Cities MN Photographer

Silas is one of my birth to a year kiddos and with every session I say, "this kid couldn't get cuter", but lo and behold, he does! He is such a sweet and happy boy. I absolutely adore him. I even got a chance to get in a little snuggle with him yesterday and let me tell ya, I got a tiny bit of baby fever! Without further adieu, Silas:

This boy is so loved and it is so apparent with each session we do.

They have an awesome family dynamic. They are fun, energetic and oh so happy! I just love this shot, perfectly imperfect! Really what was happening here was Silas was doing a face dive and Jess thought it was hilarious! I just love it!

Mom, get this thing off of me! Sometimes we have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of a cute picture!

Look at his little tongue sticking out!

Baby yumminess!

And baby sweetness!

And last, but sooooo not least, baby chubbiness! LOVE!

Silas, you have grown into an adorable and sweet boy! I can't wait to see you when you turn 1!

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