Expecting {Minnesota Lifestyle and Family Photographer}

My dear dear friend Ashley is expecting her 2nd crazy boy coming in May and I got to capture some fun memories at her home with her adorable 2 year old Cole, and her loving husband Mike.  I loved spending time playing and snapping with these guys.  I can't wait to meet the new little man and watch him grow too!

The most adorable mama to be!

Thanks for having me out guys!  It was so much fun.

Lovely Family {Minneapolis Family Photographer}

After my session with an old college friend yesterday, I met up with another pretty lady from good ole St. Olaf! It was a college reunion day for this photog. I've been photographing Tatiana's family for a few years now, beginning with sweet Harper when she was just 4 months old. Now, Tatiana and Brian (and Harper) added 2 new sweeties to their family, Finn and Avery. Finn and Avery are 6 months old and just the sweetest babies ever. Smiley, happy and talkative, just a dream.

Meet Finn.

He was such a handsome and happy little guy.  

And Avery.  What a little princess!

Little best friends.  I just adore them.

Gorgeous mama with her sweet boy.

Proud daddy!

I love this shot.

Finn's feet.

Big sis Harper lovin' up her babies.  Gotta love feet!

The incredibly gorgeous family of 5!

And we couldn't get away without a shot of beautiful little Harper.  She's such a doll.

I had a great day catching up with old friends and meeting new sweeties.  What a wonderful way to spend my Sunday!

Kjarsten {Minneapolis Minnesota Baby Photographer}

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hanging out with a friend from college, whom I haven't seen in probably 10 years!  It's crazy how time flies and how much changes.  For example, meet her beautiful new daughter, Kjarsten.

Isn't she just a doll?  Just look at those eyes!?!?!?

Beautiful mama Jamie.  I seriously adore how comfortable Jamie is in her role as mother.  It's so refreshing.

Look at those baby blues!

I love this picture!

Daddy was trying to keep KJ happy.  This shot is totally a wonderful surprise.  Technically not perfect, but so fun and in the moment.


Their dog is the best.  Meet Lena!  

Sweet baby smiles.

Thanks Jamie for having me out yesterday, it was so great to catch up and meet sweet KJ!


Sneak Peak of What's to Come!

Sweet Adam turned 6 months and I got to photograph it!  Enjoy this video of the adorable little guy and his family!

And, stay tuned for a super duper fun new package that I'm introducing this week too!  This slideshow is a hint :)


Spring is Here! {Minnesota Family and Lifestyle Photographer}

Winter here has been quite pleasant, well despite the winter storm we had today, but if that's all I have to complain about, I'll take it. Nevertheless, I still yearn for spring. Flower buds popping up, birds chirping, the smell of wet pavement and the trees turning green. Since spring is such a wonderful time and is coming in a matter of less than one month, I feel inclined to treat you to a special discount for the month of March! YAY for you, YAY for me! We all win. So if you were hoping to snag a session this spring, now is the time!

So here's the fine print.

The session must be purchased (paid for and contract signed) before March 31st.  I will be accepting session dates for this promotion for the months of March and April only.  May thru October are my busiest months so if you do not use your session before the end of April, it will become null and void.  I highly suggest securing your date as soon as possible.  March and April are fairly open but after that there are no guarantees.

Sessions can be done in your home, on location and in my studio.  Book today as these spots will fill up fast!  

You can contact me via my Facebook Page under the "messages section", or email me at msauerphotography@gmail.com.  Please include the following:

Preferred Session Date:
Number of people, names and ages: 
Email or Phone Number:

And don't forget, if you refer a client who books with MSP, you get a $25 referral credit (up to $100).  So pass this along! 

Chandler {Lino Lakes MN Baby Photographer}

I don't mean to brag here, but I have the cutest little nephew in the world. Not to mention the sweetest, most calm and happy baby. Little man has been sleeping through the night since he was 4 weeks, no joke. Go ahead and hate on my sister now, she fully deserves it! Anyway, Chan Man is a little over 4 months now so he was due for some pictures, and since I was babysitting while mama was working, I thought we'd snap some! He did awesome, but I must say, trying to play "mama" and photographer is one tough task!

Look at his cute little tushy!

He's such a bubbly fella!

Older cousin Bianca just had to get in a picture with her favorite little man, oh how this shot melts my heart.  

Love you Channy!