McKenzie Family | WBL Family Photographer

I broke an all time record today with this session. It started shortly before 2pm and ended at 2:15. Holy cow, that was fast. That's what happens when you have a lot of practice photographing kids and a highly cooperative and prepared family! I loved it. And, I didn't get a shortage of shots either!

Adorable T! He's in 2nd grade and has the most awesome freckles!

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And spunky little E. She was fun to chase around!

The beautiful family!

I love, love, love the emotion in this shot! So fun!

And I adore this shot of mom and daughter. So sweet!

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The Gibbons Family | Minneapolis MN Family Photographer

This morning I met up with an incredibly beautiful family at St. Anthony Main. This is such a fun location as it is very diverse in its settings.

This is adorable Kylie, she is a super sweet 6 year old with beautiful eyes!

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And little Sheamus, he's 1 1/2 and sweet as can be.

And almost 5 year old Ava, this little lady is sassy and talkative! She wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up! I love it! Just look at that sass!

Beautiful mom Maria with little Shae, so sweet!

While we were trying to get posed for the bridge shot, this is what I captured. Ava doing her own little thing right in the middle of everything! I have a feeling this little lady will be famous some day!

The little firefighter! Love it.

One of my favorites, Kylie snuggling dad, how sweet!

Awesome Ladies | Minneapolis Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting up with an awesome group of ladies. Anne emailed me a while back in an effort to get photos of her 3 sisters and her 2 daughters all together. It sounded like a great time and indeed it was! They were good sports too with some of my requests for shots.

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Anne and her 2 lovely daughters.

Anne with her 3 sisters. I would love to be a fly on the wall during the holidays. These ladies were tons of fun! Such great senses of humor.

The girls.

I just love this shot. So sassy!

And last but not least, this jewelry all contains diamonds from Anne's late husband. What a wonderful sentiment.


Baby Peter | Minneapolis Newborn Photographer

Hold on to your hats because you are about to meet the most adorable and precious little guy. This little man was such a sweetheart and it was such a joy to meet him, especially since he belongs to friends of ours. This guy was born on 10.10.10 and surely is as special as the date he arrived.

Meet Peter John:

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A new family of 3!

Sweet smiles.

And I couldn't help but make a collage of all his sweet parts.

Thanks for having me out yesterday to meet your new bundle Pete and Mary!

Sweet Laura | St. Paul Child and Baby Photographer

This sneak peak has been a week in the making since I shot sweet baby Laura last weekend! I always enjoy seeing my baby's first year kiddos because they change so much in just 3 month's time. Sweet Laura is such a mild mannered little lady with such serious looks, I just adore her. We even got the tiny little thing out in the leaves!

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She is just so beautiful!

A half smile and spit bubbles, LOVE it!

See you in 3 months Laura!


10.10.10 {Erin and Eddie Got Hitched} | MN Photographer

For the past week I've been vacationing in Maui with my husband and several of my closest friends. We were all witnesses to a fabulous beach wedding of our dear friends Erin and Eddie and I was able to capture the wonderful day! There is nothing like a wedding in paradise!

Erin getting ready for the day. Can't beat a banana and some iced coffee!

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Makeup time!

Final details...

I loved this flower!

Rings in the lava rock.

Eddie waiting for his bride!

And here she comes, preceded by some native Hawaiians.

The vows!

And a kiss...

A long kiss!

More details. Loved these!

Lots of champagne make for a great time with great friends!

The beautiful Bride.

Love, love, love this shot!

Congrats Erin and Eddie, thanks for including us in on this amazing and special day!