To Lindsay, she had the winning photo, #6! You are the winner of a $75 MSP credit toward any package!

Andrea, photo #3 wins second prize, a $30 MSP credit toward any package.

And in 3rd place, Sarah, photo #4! You are the winner of this wonderful Valentine's Day gift package!

This gift package contains a few of my favorite things:

1. flip flops! hands down the best shoes ever invented!
2. hot pink nail polish! love it!
3. target shopping bag, for obvious reasons!
4. peanut butter m&m's, yum!
5. vanilla icing lip smackers lip gloss, it's the best!
6. vanilla body butter, cause it's winter.
7. honeysuckle handsoap from Bath and Body works, can't be beat!
8. $5 target gift card, only the greatest store ever!

Congrats winners!


Time to Vote!

I was a little disappointed in the lack of entries for this contest as I was SUPER excited to see some major creativity here! I guess that's what happens with such a last minute contest. All is good though since I did get 6 amazing entries for you all to vote on! So let the voting begin! Voting will end February 16th at 10am! Good luck everyone!







Baby Jake | Minneapolis MN Baby Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful young family today. Baby Jake is 3 months old and is an absolute angel. This sweet boy was so patient, and HAPPY for his entire session. Mom and dad sure are lucky that they have such a sweet baby boy.

Meet baby Jake:

I just love sessions with first time parents because everything is so fresh and new with them. They feel truly blessed to have this child in their lives and it shines through in their pictures. I can just feel the love here:

When my son was about 3 months old, I took a picture of him with my husband's hand on his belly. To this day I remember that shot and it makes me think of how little they start and how much they truly depend on us to protect them. These next shots just melt my heart, there is just something special between a father and a son.

This was the most perfect session to have on Valentine's weekend because these 2 (and sweet Jake) just ooze love (in a good way!). It was refreshing to witness.

I just love the spit bubbles in the shot above!

And last, but of course not least, Jake. Like I said, a perfect angel!

Thank you so much H family for having me out today and I just can't wait for Jake's 6 month shots!



I am extending the deadline to submit photos to the contest to Sunday February 14th at 5pm CST. Voting will begin on Monday at 10am CST and will be closing at 10am CST on Tuesday February 16th. I hope you take some time this weekend to submit some photos!



In honor of Valentine's Day, I am holding a quick, last minute contest! Here's what you need to do:

1. Grab your camera.
2. Think "hearts".
3. Get creative.
4. Get snap happy and shoot your most creative shot using the theme: heart.
5. Email your photo to me at msauerphotography@gmail.com by 11:59 pm February 12th.
6. Only one entry per person.

Here is my example:

What you win:

First prize will be a $75 credit to be used toward any package at MSP.
Second prize will be a $30 credit to be used toward any package at MSP.
Third prize will be a Valentine's Day gift package!

I will be narrowing the submissions down to 10 if there are more than that. So your first obligation is to impress me! I want to see creativity here people! The voting will begin on February 14th at 10am CST and will end on February 15th at 10am. I told you, a quick, last minute contest!

Get snapping people, and pass along to all you know! Oh and for goodness sakes, please, I beg of you, get way more creative than I did!

Check out these pictures for inspiration: Flickr Heart.

***I've extended the submission deadline to 5pm CST 2/14/2010. Please see the details here.


Twin Beauties | Stacy MN Baby Photographer

I'll be the first to admit that photographing twins isn't the easiest task out there, especially twins that are under 1! You get a lot of this:

You know, one looking and the other isn't.

Or you get this:

Curiosity about the other's wardrobe.

As a mother of 3, I know that smiling perfection from all children just isn't realistic and the true beauty lies in shots like these, the real shots that exude real life.

Every once in a while you get a shot like this:

Together these sisters are pure perfection, but we can't forget they are individuals as well. Beautiful ones at that!

And this session would not be complete without a heartwarming shot of a beautiful mom with her gorgeous baby girls.

I truly enjoyed meeting these lovely ladies, they were such happy babies. Thank you H family for having me out!