One on One Mentoring

One on one mentoring will be designed for your learning needs.  We can discuss anything from how to use your camera to how to interact with clients.  You bring your questions and I will provide my thoughts and expertise.

Facetime: $150/hour with a minimum of 2 hours. This session is meant for hands on shooting.  You should already have a good understanding of how to use your camera so that we can use our time to shoot together using actual models.  We will spend time together editing some of the images.  Bring your questions and ideas.  We will spend time inside my studio and sometime outdoors shooting in several different types of lighting. 

Skype: $100/hour with no minimum.  Skype mentoring sessions are great for answering any camera related questions, business related questions or any other photography question that is on your mind. This session is not geared toward editing or how I actually shoot.  This time can be used to critique some of your shots submitted prior to the session.  

Phone/chat: $75/hour with no minimum.  Phone/chat session will be used strictly for critiquing shots you have taken.  We can talk about a maximum of 4 images per hour so that we can actually go in depth about the technical aspects of your images.  All shots should be raw images and should not be edited.  In this session, I will provide some homework and lessons prior to our call/chat.

Email me at with any questions regarding my mentoring sessions.  If you are ready to learn, click here and add the workshop to your shopping cart.