Pretty in Preggo | Minnesota Maternity Photographer

I can't honestly say I've really ever enjoyed being pregnant. That being said, I am just overjoyed and overly excited when other people are. There is just something really amazing about growing a baby, in a belly! And have I mentioned that pregnant ladies are extremely adorable? Laura is no exception. She is a glowing mommy to almost 3!

Gorgeous! She does pregnancy well!

Who said pregnancy can't be sexy?

Big bro Noah (whom I've photographed on several occasions!) giving baby sister a kiss!

And this next collection I like to call Bliss and Chaos! Completely perfect in its imperfection!

And we had a ton of fun painting mom's belly!

Absolutely stunning! Lucky lady lookin' so good at almost 30 weeks!

Laura will be welcoming her sweet baby girl into the family in June and I am lucky enough to follow her from pregnancy to age one! I can't wait to meet her. She is a lucky little girl being born to such an amazing and loving family, with 2 big bros to watch out for her! I had fun yesterday Laura and you look fabulous!

Finn| Twin Cities MN Baby Photographer

Meet sweet baby Finn. Finn is an absolutely adorable almost 3 month old baby boy! I had the pleasure of meeting Finn for my first ever session in my studio! Finn was such a fun little guy, he LOVED sticking his tongue out at me and it was adorable!

He wasn't so sure of this basket, but he got used to it.

And the beautiful family!

Isn't he just a beautiful baby? His eyelashes were just gorgeous!

Oh soooo cute!

It was so great to meet you all yesterday. Finn did awesome and I can't wait to see you all in a few months!


Boy OH Boy! | Minnesota Child Photographer

In case you haven't noticed, I've had a major influx of baby boys lately and might I tell you, I am LOVING it! My reasons are 2 fold, one being that my "baby" is 2 and while having a toddler boy is a blast, having a little baby around even just for a moment is wonderful. And number 2 being, I just adore baby boys. At one point in my life, I never envisioned myself ever having a boy, I was satisfied with my 2 girls, but then my son came along and my whole world changed. Being a mom to a boy is great!

Anyway, on to sweet baby AJ. AJ is 4 months old and pure sweetness. He was such a great guy during our session, all he wants is attention and to get it, he'll give you a cute smile. And man was he talkative!

AJ loves his little lovie. Who wouldn't? I'm sure it tastes oh so good!

And gorgeous mom, what a lucky kid!

You can tell that dad is just a fun guy to be around. I can totally see the 2 of these guys hamming it up for the family in a few years!

Ok, so I took 2 of these shots, the first AJ was looking quite nice, but this is my favorite for obvious reasons!

And we can't leave out Hank. Seriously, isn't he adorable? Who doesn't love a Pug!

Poor little AJ is so nervous for the season opener!

By now you know about the feet thing, I just can't get enough of em!


And last but not least, spit bubbles. They are the best. Such a sign of the age. Priceless!

Thank you so much Colee, John and AJ for having me out yesterday. It was so great to meet all of you! I can't wait to see you all in a couple of months!


Reed Family | Photography in Minnesota

Meet the Reed Family! Mom, Lindsay, was the winner of my Valentine's Contest in February and she was cashing in on her prize! I went out to their home for a session with 2 incredibly adorable kids!

Brady is 2 and Rylinn is 4. Seriously, I just adore their cheeks!

Brady LOVES sports. He was so awesome at basketball too. He would say "dibble dibble dibble" then he'd shoot and if he didn't make it he would say "almost". Seriously, I got such a kick out of him!

And Rylinn is all girl. She loves playing with her dolls and dressing up. We had fun playing and she could spell all sorts of things for me! Smart little lady!

I love this hat!


And of course last but not least, a shot of the two watching Wow, Wow Wubzy! A favorite show amongst the preschool crowd!

It was so great to finally meet you Lindsay and your adorable babes. I had a blast with them!


Business stuff...

From the beginning, I've always hoped to be an affordable photographer. A photographer that appeals to the masses. While I think that I am affordable, I believe that I need to restructure my pricing in order to a.) stay competitive and moreso b.) to stay in business!

I've slowly come to realize that my Lifetime Package is by far the most popular package. And while I love being able to sell the digital negatives to all of you, I feel that my integrity can get lost in this package. My livelihood relies on the quality of the prints hanging on your wall. While certain big box stores have decent prints at a 4x6 or 5x7 size, they in no way can compare to the product I can offer you and be proud of it hanging on your wall.

I will continue to offer you the option to purchase digital negatives and you will see that the cost has increased. I will only offer you the option to purchase these negatives up to an 8x10 size for quality purposes. With each digital negative you purchase, you will get a complimentary 5x7 print so that you can compare the quality and have a baseline for what your pictures should look like.

As for the cost increase across the board, it was something that has been a long time coming. I am limited in the amount of sessions I can book. I feel very strongly that to provide the best experience for each client and to maintain a family life here at home, I need to limit my sessions to 2 per week (max of 3) and 1 wedding per month. I feel it's only fair to you and fair to my family. I feel that my price increase is incredibly fair and still moderate compared to other photographers in the Twin Cities.

I appreciate your continued business and would like to extend this offer to all of you:

If you would like to secure a session with me at my former rates, please contact me before March 31st. I will continue to honor my former rates until the end of March. All sessions must be scheduled before May 15th to receive the former rate. You can email me directly at msauerphotography@gmail.com to get on my calendar. My days are filling up so don't wait!

I would also like to point you to this site regarding custom photography. My number one goal is to tell your story, capture that moment in time and create a timeless photograph for your wall. Only a custom photography session can do that for you.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Cole | Photographer in Minnesota

Meet Cole Jerome, a sweet 1 week old baby boy! I've known his mom for years and she is the sweetest of lady's. It was so fun to meet Cole yesterday and visit with Ashley.

Don't ya just love squishy baby face?

The beautiful family of 3! I've said this before, but I just love watching first time parent's interacting with their new angel. They are so attentive and concerned with each little squeal.

One of my faves of the day!

And check out the hair. Can you even believe it? Both Ashley and Mike have blonde hair! I just love it!

And you know me and baby feet. Adorable!

Wide awake!

Half awake :)

Thanks for having me out Ashley. It was great to see you and your sweet new boy. He is absolutely adorable and oh so precious! I hope to see him very soon!


Help me decide... | Photographer in Minnesota

I have a project up my sleeve that I will reveal a bit later, but for now I need your help deciding which shots are your favorites. So, I've picked my top ten favorites from the recent months but I need help narrowing them down. Tell me, which one is your favorite?

1. Lucy in the sky with diamonds

2. Mama lovin'

3. I shouldn't include my kid but I adore this shot

4. Baby fever in the house!

5. Needs no explanation

6. Would look great on canvas shot

7. Can you feel the love?
From Harper
8. Gorgeous

9. I love this family

10. Pure beauty

Help me decide and cast your vote today! Poll ends on Monday at 11:59 pm! Thanks.