Itty Bitty... {Lino Lakes MN Baby Photography}

This itty bitty little guy Zach is 3 months old, if you can even believe it! Zach's mom, Jessie, was on bedrest for quite some time and delivered sweet boy early. He was home bound for quite some time, but he was finally big enough and strong enough for his big world debut. 

Zach hung out for a bit with his eyes wide open, but soon passed out and was almost like a newborn for the remainder of the time.  Easy, happy baby!  Just what I like.

Welcome to the world Zach!


Bam! You are Mamarazzi'd {Photography E-Book}

It's pretty rare that I post personal things here on this blog, in fact, that's what my personal blog, Chronicles of a Mamarazzi, is for.  However, I wanted to give you a snippet of why I consider myself a mamarazzi (PS this will be posted over there too). 

Yesterday we began our official journey as a homeschooling family.  My husband and I decided to school our 3 kiddos (age 7, 5.5 and 4.5) at home.  Our decision was stemmed from many different facets, none of which really need to be explained here (but go ahead and ask me and I'll talk your ear off).  So anyway, my middle child was feeling a little neglected because she didn't get to have her first day of school like my oldest did, so we made a big deal out of taking the same pictures we would have if she had gotten on that bus.  

I made it my mission to document our first day so we can always remember the way it went.  

Of course we had to start out with the obligatory posed shots.  These are always goofy for us since we rarely do posed shots around here.  Nonetheless, I got to capture the kids during this milestone.

My 3 together.  They truly are best friends.  They fight like crazy, but they cherish each others' friendships and for that we are lucky.

My favorite.  Daddy was making them laugh.

Introducing Bianca, the kindergartner (although she's more at a 1st grade level, so sometimes we call her that too LOL).

And my goofy boy Bennett who is our Pre-k'er (who can qualify for kindergarten if you ask me).

And my sweet Annika Leigh.  She's our 2nd grader.  She's so excited to be at home for school.  She will definitely thrive in this element.

Daddy always gives our schoolagers big hugs and kisses on their big day.  

Our morning started out with a nice walk in our neighborhood.  I think it will be good to get some fresh air before we begin (and let out some energy).  When we got back we began.  This school year I instituted the work box system.  I tweaked it for our own personal use, but I think it will work well with 3 kids at 3 different levels.   

I have a designated lunch helper each day, this child is in charge of helping prepare lunch.  I like the help, and they like to feel needed.  Bennett got to flatten the bread for our "wraps".

As a special "1st day of school treat" I brought the kids to a nearby indoor waterpark/indoor playground and outdoor playground.  I'd say it was a good phy/ed and recess activity.

Our first day of "learning" was over by lunch time.  It's amazing what you can get done with just 3 kids who are excited about learning.  I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity with my family.  For more information and to read more about our family, head on over to our personal blog!

Wanna capture your own experiences this way?  Check out my Making the Mamarazzi ebook, available for an instant download.