To Lindsay, she had the winning photo, #6! You are the winner of a $75 MSP credit toward any package!

Andrea, photo #3 wins second prize, a $30 MSP credit toward any package.

And in 3rd place, Sarah, photo #4! You are the winner of this wonderful Valentine's Day gift package!

This gift package contains a few of my favorite things:

1. flip flops! hands down the best shoes ever invented!
2. hot pink nail polish! love it!
3. target shopping bag, for obvious reasons!
4. peanut butter m&m's, yum!
5. vanilla icing lip smackers lip gloss, it's the best!
6. vanilla body butter, cause it's winter.
7. honeysuckle handsoap from Bath and Body works, can't be beat!
8. $5 target gift card, only the greatest store ever!

Congrats winners!

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