Setting up shop! {Lino Lakes MN Child Photographer}

I've got a good collection of awesome Lemondrop Stop backdrops going on, as well as fun props for kiddos so I've decided to set up a small studio in my basement.  It can accommodate children and perhaps small families.  I'm really excited about it and have done some test shots with my own kiddos and it's working out fantastically!  

I thought I would showcase the awesome backgrounds I have for you all so you can get a good idea of what you may like if you ever decide to visit me here!  I've got some great variety and these backdrops are so incredibly real looking, I just love them all!  

Here is my "white door".  This is one of my favorites.  I like how neutral it is and how colors really pop on the adorable kiddos placed in front of it!

This one is called "Paisley Polkadot".  I have used this for both girls and boys.  It's so bright and colorful and has quickly become one of my favorites!

This one is a "tin tile".  It is very neutral as well, just look at how those colors pop in front of it!

I absolutely love this "brown brick" one.  In this first shot you can see it adds a little detail when further behind the subject.  Very subtle but fun.

And when standing right by it, it looks like a real brick wall!  Very fun!

Oh, and this is my "bright dots".  I can totally envision a fun 1 year old cake smash in front of this one!  I just adore the colors!

This floor is awesome.  It's called "red table".  I love it, nuff said.

This one is a gray velvet.  Doesn't she just look stunning in front of this?  My kids think it looks like a bed!  It's a beautiful and soft background.

This is my blue tin tile one and I love the color on it.  Everyone I've shot with this one just looks amazing.  It is bright and just look at how it makes his eyes pop!  

This is my other wood floor, "brown sugar diagonal".  This has been a favorite with the boys.  I love the blues in it.  So pretty.

And last, my green damask (not sure if that's the name though).   This one is wonderful for more formal shots.  A pretty little baby would look adorable in front of this!  

Email me today at msauerphotography@gmail.com if you are interested in visiting my studio!  I am thinking of offering mini-sessions in a few weeks.  Prices would start at $150.  If you are interested in more information, email me today, I'd like to gauge the interest so we can plan accordingly! 

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