Ben and Melissa E-session | St. Paul MN Photographer

In just a few weeks I will be shooting a wonderful wedding right here in St. Paul for the ever loving, and hilarious Ben and Melissa. These two are youthful, energetic and extremely light-hearted. I had a blast hanging with them during their session, they were constantly goofing off and laughing together. It's such a joy to see such happy people getting ready to tie the knot!

Ben and Melissa got engaged right in front of this very fountain!

See, they are laughing again!

I got a lot of this from Ben, he was definitely a ham!

They brought their adorable son Noah along. His eyes are to die for!

Noah is a lucky guy to have such a fun mom and dad!

And last, but not least, a shot of them being goofy. I just love this shot!

I can't wait to shoot your fabulous day in just a few weeks!