Tom and Jessica get Hitched | MN Wedding Photographer

This weekend I had the pleasure of photographing an amazing unique union between 2 incredibly wonderful people. I headed up to the northwoods of MN Friday afternoon and when people talk about God's Country they must be talking about northern MN. It's just a beautiful place we can all call home!

I met up with Jessica in the late morning to photograph their beautiful day. She was so incredibly relaxed, she even did her own hair and makeup! She looked absolutely stunning and made a very beautiful bride!

Tom was equally handsome (and relaxed!).

I really love all the little details that make up a wedding day. From the rings to the centerpieces, everything that went into the day made Tom and Jessica's day one of a kind.

We spent a little time outdoors and I got to photograph the wonderful couple. They are so much in love, it's a fun thing to watch.

And then there was the ceremony. It was a loving and light-hearted event complete with good friends speaking to the couple, Tom's dad serenading us and a wonderful "ring warming" ceremony". Oh, and we can't forget the " I do's"!

Then they spent the rest of the evening celebrating with music, food, drinks and close friends and family!

It was a beautiful day and I feel incredibly honored to have been a part of it!


  1. Those are BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE their style and the laid-back style of the ceremony - that is the type of wedding I want to go to!

  2. Beautiful photos! You did a great job capturing their special day!