I HEART the Sun! | Minnesota Child Photographer

So to say I have a slight obsession with the evening sun would be a major understatement. I keep finding excuses to take pictures around the hour of 7 and tonight was no different. The kids and I were ready to head upstairs and start our bedtime routine when I glanced outside and noticed the gorgeous light spilling from the sky. I simply love it, everything about it and it doesn't get much better than this. This light, it's stunning and it's the essence of summer. I just want to bottle it and release it in January when it's stark and cold outside, if only that were possible! Anyway, so I bribed them with candy and we all headed outside and it was worth every bit!

I am one truly blessed and lucky mama, just look at em all?
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Annika loves to pose for me. Doesn't take much bribing for her!

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Nothing makes me more happy than this guy's smile. Seriously, it's contagious!

She only looks so sweet and innocent. Ok, I take that back, she may be fiesty but she really is a little lover!

See, you are smiling, aren't you!?!? His dimples, yum!

Have I mentioned how much these girls love each other? They may not quite know it yet, but they are lucky to have live in BFF's!

Beautiful Bianca!

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I love them!

Dude even posed in the amazing light for me too!

Someone's bored with it! She wants her candy!

This one though, she'd pose all day for me!

This just might be a new favorite for me!!! I love it! It's the essence of childhood, laying in the grass, not a care in the world!

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  1. These are excellent. Simple and clean. Sun and grass.

  2. Love these pics of your kids!! That's my fave time of the day in the summer, too.