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Ok, so my title is a bit lame but it's the only title I can use to describe this session. I've photographed Harrison and Lucy for quite some time, their mama is my BFF (I used that word again!). We have been friends since as long as I can remember and I feel very lucky to watch her kiddos grow my lens.

Harrison is 3 years old, just a few months younger than my Bianca. He's all boy and is a bit of a spitfire. I wouldn't expect less than that from one of Molly's offspring though!

And then there is sweet Lucy. Lucy recently turned one. She's got sparkling blue eyes and the sweetest smile you'll ever see. She is a little pixie and looks just like her mama. I tell you, I just adore this little lady!

And what session would be complete without a few of the kids together?

I just love this one, how cute are they?

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