Mackenzie Summer Sun Mini-Sessions Part 4 | MN Photographer

The last of the mini-sessions was right before sunset last night. The light was taking on a pinkish tone and the lake looked gorgeous. Mackenzie looked fabulous in this dreamy light, she's a cousin of my husband so it was nice to photograph her last night.

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I love this shot, so peaceful!

I have to say, this year's summer sun mini-sessions were a huge success. You can bet that I will be doing these again next summer. Stay tuned for info on fall mini-sessions!

Silas Summer Sun Mini-Session | White Bear Lake Child Photographer

So I was in pure heaven last night with these summer sun sessions, the sun was gorgeous, it illuminated these little kiddos so beautifully and was simply dreamy. Ok, so maybe I can get carried away sometimes with the sun, but this shot is just so dreamy and stunning, I can't help but love it! And Silas is just too cute for words! Just look at that flare, there's a hint of rainbow in it too! Too fun.

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This guy is getting so big! Oh, and handsome too!

Can you tell I love these mushy kissy face shots? How fun are they!

Silas wasn't too sure about this tall grass. It was probably itchy!

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There's that adorable smile!

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This was mom's idea, but OH.MY.GOODNESS do I love it!

Stay tuned for part 4!

Little Annika Summer Sun Mini-Session Part 2 | MN Child Photographer

It's always fun meeting other Annika's, it's not a name I hear very often. This little lady fit the name perfectly and reminded me of when my Annika was that small. She's a happy, active and spunky little lady and was simply adorable.


And what a stunning family, huh?

I love this shot with dad in the background.

Stay tuned for part 3!

Summer Sun Mini-Session Part 1 | White Bear Lake Child Photographer

Last night was my Summer Sun Mini-Sessions. The weather turned out to be perfect and the clients even better. Up first, the R family! These guys were fabulous. They consist of Mom, Dad, twin 6 year olds Abby and Nina and sweet Molly, who is almost 2. These little ladies were to die for with their platinum blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes.

Just stunning!

I just adore sister shots and this one is just so special.

This little lady had the most amazing blue and very sparkly eyes. So adorable!

Aren't their parents just lucky to have 3 adorable kiddos? They are incredibly sweet too!

She loved the water!

The beautiful family.

Sister feet!

Stay tuned for 3 more sneak peaks from the mini-sessions!


Zoe | Minnesota Child Photographer

I photographed this little darling last year in October. I was warned that Zoe is non-stop and full of energy before our session last year and boy oh boy was she! Zoe may be one year older now but she is still that bundle of energy and she kept me on my toes. I had a great time with Zoe, we had a full evening of swinging, playing on her gymnastics handles, hanging out by dad's vintage cars, running through the sprinklers and eating ice cream. Needless to say, I was exhausted when I got home last night. But, I got some awesome shots of Miss Zoe!

I love this shot. She has got the most stunning eyes.

Sprinkler Fun!

Eating ice cream by one of the vintage cars.

Just look at those lashes. Lucky little lady!

And perhaps my fave, Zoe just loves her pup Twig. Twig is an awesome dog and I totally wanted to take her home with me. Just look at them, best buds!

I always love to see these kiddos grow from year to year. It's the best part of my job. I am one lucky lady!


Jake is growing up! | MN Baby Photographer

With each passing month, these little guys who are on my baby's first year program just grow bigger and less baby-like. I know these are not my babies, but I feel a tiny bit saddened with each new milestone session because they truly are growing up in front of my eyes. When I first met Jake, he was just a tiny thing with gigantic blue eyes and a smile to die for. Ok, so he still has gigantic blue eyes and a smile to die for but just look at how big he's getting, and how handsome!

I just love this shot. It's so peaceful and sweet. What a lovely little family!

Jake was slightly less smiley today but I think it's because he's so curious and amazed by all these new scenes. Whatever it was, it was cute!

Ugh, I just love it!

Jake on his front step! So big!

Mushy baby cheeks! What a great family!

Jake, please slow down a bit, you are growing too fast! Hopefully the next 3 months will go just slightly slower!