Jake is growing up! | MN Baby Photographer

With each passing month, these little guys who are on my baby's first year program just grow bigger and less baby-like. I know these are not my babies, but I feel a tiny bit saddened with each new milestone session because they truly are growing up in front of my eyes. When I first met Jake, he was just a tiny thing with gigantic blue eyes and a smile to die for. Ok, so he still has gigantic blue eyes and a smile to die for but just look at how big he's getting, and how handsome!

I just love this shot. It's so peaceful and sweet. What a lovely little family!

Jake was slightly less smiley today but I think it's because he's so curious and amazed by all these new scenes. Whatever it was, it was cute!

Ugh, I just love it!

Jake on his front step! So big!

Mushy baby cheeks! What a great family!

Jake, please slow down a bit, you are growing too fast! Hopefully the next 3 months will go just slightly slower!

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