40 Years! MN Family Photographer

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing a wonderful family who came together to celebrate 40 years of marriage. First I have to say congrats on 40 years, that is an amazing number to be incredibly proud of! Second, I have to mention what an awesomely blessed family these guys have. They should be very proud of their legacy!

And without further adieu, the lovely couple. It's so refreshing to see such genuine love and happiness!

Their four wonderful children!

This is my dear friend Jen. Jen and I went to college together and she has built herself a beautiful family throughout the years.

Sweet Emily.

The oh-so-active Alex! He's a ham!

And her gorgeous step-daughter Michelle!

Jen's big sis and her beautiful family!

Little Miss N, isn't she just adorable as can be?

Jen's big bro and his partner.

And of course Jen's little sis with Emily, her god daughter.

The whole clan!

It was truly a joy to spend some time with Jen and her family. 40 years is so amazing and I can only hope that I will be as lucky as them!

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  1. Great job with so many people to photograph! Beautiful portraits of them all!