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As of late, I've had quite a few people ask me what they should wear for their family pictures. I thought I'd throw a few things up on the ol' blog for some examples. In general, I'm not too concerned with outfits as I want your clothes to reflect who you are. However, I find that most people over analyze what they should wear for their pictures. I've been fairly fortunate to not have families show up in all black or all white which happened to be the trend way back when!

I like to see some color coordination of course, however not to extremes! Pick a color and go with it just don't dress your whole family in green polos and khaki's.

Here are a few examples of what I like to see:

All of the above was taken from Gap and can easily be thrown together on a budget. I just love shades of blues and although a white polo is super simple, I just love it on a little boy! I like the green necklace on mom as an added pop of color (you could easily do a red for an even more bold pop of color).

The above styles can all be found from Old Navy. I found this dress for mom and coordinated the rest of the family using colors that complimented the bright coral color. Can you see that if you dress your whole family in that bright color it might be a bit much? My eyes might burn if you did! But, junior's shirt has the same color mixed in so it pulls together nicely.

I am also a huge fan of bright colors (magenta, lime green, orange) when used in moderation. Suppose you found a gorgeous magenta dress for your toddler on Etsy (also another great site to peruse) and really wanted to use it for pictures... Easy, just use more muted tones for the rest of the family mixing in shades of magenta here and there in the form of jewelry for mom, or in a stripe in junior's shirt. Or use a complimentary color to the bright color you chose.

Dressing your family for pictures shouldn't stress you out, you should make it fun. Don't sweat the small stuff, go with what your family is comfortable wearing. If you aren't comfy in your clothes, you won't be comfy in front of my camera. And of course, if you have any questions, I am here to help ya out! I want this experience to be enjoyable for you and I want you to have total satisfaction in the end!

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