Spring is in the air! | Family and child photographer in MN

The Easter bunny has come and gone and he sure left a ton of loot at my house! I really wish he hadn't left those peanut butter cups and butterfinger eggs because my waistline just can't take it anymore! But, with Easter comes all things spring and I am just in love with the newness that the season brings. I love watching the trees bud, the plants emerge from the ground and the baby birds starting to hatch. It's a magical and happy time. Just look at these little monkeys of mine!!!

They are clearly thrilled with the season!

I rarely share pictures of my family here on this blog, but I thought it would be a good time to reintroduce you all to my sweet kiddos (who just happen to be driving me nuts today, it's a good thing they are cute!).

Annika, she's 4 1/2. My beautiful and caring little red headed child. She loves all thing girly and pretty. She's a little princess, that's for sure.

And Bianca, my 3 year old "middle child". She plays that role to a T. She loves attention, is outgoing, sings ALL DAY LONG, and has one killer motherly instinct. Oh, and she's a great little snuggler.

And my "baby", Bennett. He's two and just entered the "terrible twos". He's our little future linebacker, he's stronger than me and adores all things truck related. I love this kid, he's polite and quite the little lover.

So since I shared my family with you, why not share yours with me? Will you do it for a prize? How about a $100 MSP credit for a future session? Got your attention, huh?

Head on over to my Facebook Fan Page and add a "fan photo" and tell me all about it. You are only allowed 1 "entry". Subsequent entries will not be counted. You have to be a fan to enter though! Only stipulation, sorry non FB'ers.

-Do this before 4/9/2010 11:59 pm though.
-Voting begins on my anniversary, 4/10 and will run through 4/12 11:59 pm. Stay tuned for details on how to vote and how to win!

I really can't wait to see your family!

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