Twin Beauties | Stacy MN Baby Photographer

I'll be the first to admit that photographing twins isn't the easiest task out there, especially twins that are under 1! You get a lot of this:

You know, one looking and the other isn't.

Or you get this:

Curiosity about the other's wardrobe.

As a mother of 3, I know that smiling perfection from all children just isn't realistic and the true beauty lies in shots like these, the real shots that exude real life.

Every once in a while you get a shot like this:

Together these sisters are pure perfection, but we can't forget they are individuals as well. Beautiful ones at that!

And this session would not be complete without a heartwarming shot of a beautiful mom with her gorgeous baby girls.

I truly enjoyed meeting these lovely ladies, they were such happy babies. Thank you H family for having me out!

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