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I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful young family today. Baby Jake is 3 months old and is an absolute angel. This sweet boy was so patient, and HAPPY for his entire session. Mom and dad sure are lucky that they have such a sweet baby boy.

Meet baby Jake:

I just love sessions with first time parents because everything is so fresh and new with them. They feel truly blessed to have this child in their lives and it shines through in their pictures. I can just feel the love here:

When my son was about 3 months old, I took a picture of him with my husband's hand on his belly. To this day I remember that shot and it makes me think of how little they start and how much they truly depend on us to protect them. These next shots just melt my heart, there is just something special between a father and a son.

This was the most perfect session to have on Valentine's weekend because these 2 (and sweet Jake) just ooze love (in a good way!). It was refreshing to witness.

I just love the spit bubbles in the shot above!

And last, but of course not least, Jake. Like I said, a perfect angel!

Thank you so much H family for having me out today and I just can't wait for Jake's 6 month shots!

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