The M Family | MN Maternity and Family Photographer

Meet the M family... They are expecting their second child in August, maybe sooner! Aren't they a gorgeous family?
And look at mom. Beautiful. She's 34 weeks here, you'd never know it! Color me jealous! I think I might still look like that :)
I love her belly. It's so delicate and perfectly round.
Pure baby perfection.
A wonderful family for their new little bundle to join. This new little one is one lucky baby. Did I mention it's a surprise? How fun!
Seriously, what a gorgeous couple! So loving and sweet to each other too!

And little Miss E. What a darling little girl! She is blessed to have such an awesome mommy and daddy!Thank you so much M Family. I truly enjoyed meeting your perfect little family and can't wait to meet your new little baby!


Alison and Mike | MN Wedding Photographer

June 20th was a perfect day for a wedding with one exception, it was hot, hot, hot! Nonetheless, the Bride and Groom were absolutely perfect and made one extremely gorgeous couple! I was so honored to be able to be part of their day. They are such a laid back and fun couple, in my opinion, they created the perfect wedding day

Mike seeing his bride for the first time. She indeed deserved a round of applause!
And wasn't she stunning?

Assessing each other.

Mike and his sweet daughter, Miss S. Check out those eyes!
Weren't the flowers beautiful? And how about the shoes? They were comparing their shoes!
Mike helping Alison into their pontoon!The beautiful little flower girl, Miss M. Isn't she a sweetie?

The couple and their friends made their getaway on a boat to cross the lake. They had such a blast, what a way to go!
The boat got stuck under this bridge, their was only a foot of water to make it through!The girls to the rescue! Leave it to the ladies to save the day!

We all thought this was pretty cool, the name on the boats was Harris, the bride and groom's name!
Alison and Mike, I want to wish you years and years of happiness. Your wedding was beautiful and perfect. Thank you so much for letting me be part of this day. The 2 of you truly embody love and devotion and it's heartwarming to see. Thank you again!


The E Kids! | MN Child Photographer

You may remember way back to April, when I held my spring contest, well these are the lucky kiddos who one the session! I photographed this little darling back in April as well and I just loved her pictures, so much that she is on my banner! Well, here she is, back in action with her 2 big brothers.

One of my favorites. How sweet are the 3 of them? I tried a nice vintage processing with this one and I really like it.
And here is little M herself. Isn't she just adorable?

I love the sunwashed effect on this one. It's so dreamy!And her big bro. He really had to pee here!
And of course, her even bigger bro here. I asked him what boys do to look cool, and this is what I got! It's pretty cute!
I then asked him to smile a nice smile that his mom would like. It is a nice smile if you ask me!
Love this shot of the 3 of them. Lovely looking family!

Playing in the water on a nice hot day!
It was such a wonderful way to spend a hot Sunday morning. The kids were gorgeous and were such great little models! Thanks E family!


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An old and dear friend... | St. Paul MN Newborn and family photographer

My dear friend Molly, of 18 years, asked me to take pictures of her new baby Lucy and her 2 year old Harrison. Lucy is 2 weeks old tomorrow and is such a sweet and calm baby girl. She slept the whole time, well until the end when she was D.O.N.E! I seriously just adore sweet baby sleepiness.

She didn't even care when we put her on this trunk! What a doll.
Ahhh, baby feet...

And up next is Mr. Harrison. What a handsome 2 year old, huh?

After running around and going up and down steps, Harrison was finally all tuckered out. I asked him to race me after this and he preferred to just sit. Mol said Harrison napped for over 3 hours after our session! Lucky kid!And of course, some of mama with her beautiful babes.

I feel so blessed to be able to raise my children alongside such an old and dear friend. I love to watch our little ones grow into independent children and become friends themselves. What a wonderful thing!