The M Family | MN Maternity and Family Photographer

Meet the M family... They are expecting their second child in August, maybe sooner! Aren't they a gorgeous family?
And look at mom. Beautiful. She's 34 weeks here, you'd never know it! Color me jealous! I think I might still look like that :)
I love her belly. It's so delicate and perfectly round.
Pure baby perfection.
A wonderful family for their new little bundle to join. This new little one is one lucky baby. Did I mention it's a surprise? How fun!
Seriously, what a gorgeous couple! So loving and sweet to each other too!

And little Miss E. What a darling little girl! She is blessed to have such an awesome mommy and daddy!Thank you so much M Family. I truly enjoyed meeting your perfect little family and can't wait to meet your new little baby!

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  1. Such a wonderfully way to document a precious time in your life...