An old and dear friend... | St. Paul MN Newborn and family photographer

My dear friend Molly, of 18 years, asked me to take pictures of her new baby Lucy and her 2 year old Harrison. Lucy is 2 weeks old tomorrow and is such a sweet and calm baby girl. She slept the whole time, well until the end when she was D.O.N.E! I seriously just adore sweet baby sleepiness.

She didn't even care when we put her on this trunk! What a doll.
Ahhh, baby feet...

And up next is Mr. Harrison. What a handsome 2 year old, huh?

After running around and going up and down steps, Harrison was finally all tuckered out. I asked him to race me after this and he preferred to just sit. Mol said Harrison napped for over 3 hours after our session! Lucky kid!And of course, some of mama with her beautiful babes.

I feel so blessed to be able to raise my children alongside such an old and dear friend. I love to watch our little ones grow into independent children and become friends themselves. What a wonderful thing!

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  1. Lucy is just a little sweetie pie!! Harrison has such gorgeous eyes! Love them all