Kjarsten {Minneapolis Minnesota Baby Photographer}

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hanging out with a friend from college, whom I haven't seen in probably 10 years!  It's crazy how time flies and how much changes.  For example, meet her beautiful new daughter, Kjarsten.

Isn't she just a doll?  Just look at those eyes!?!?!?

Beautiful mama Jamie.  I seriously adore how comfortable Jamie is in her role as mother.  It's so refreshing.

Look at those baby blues!

I love this picture!

Daddy was trying to keep KJ happy.  This shot is totally a wonderful surprise.  Technically not perfect, but so fun and in the moment.


Their dog is the best.  Meet Lena!  

Sweet baby smiles.

Thanks Jamie for having me out yesterday, it was so great to catch up and meet sweet KJ!

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