Good times in MN {MN Lifestyle Family Photographer}

This weekend I met up with a transplant family from Oregon.  I always love meeting people who are new to Minnesota, especially in the winter.  Either they love it or they are terrified of what's to come.  This family was all about the snow and were great sports during our session.  They had great ideas and it really reminded me why I fell in love with photography.  I quickly remembered that I love documenting life.  Sure, portrait photography is very much a passion of mine, but I really thrive when I can document family life.  I love that you can look back at a picture and remember exactly how you felt at that moment.  I hope that I did that for the D family.  

Here is sweet Nora.  She's 2 and very precocious.  I enjoyed chatting with her.

And Zira is a lovely little 5 year old who loves ballet and could talk your ear off.  She wasn't shy in the least and I had a blast getting to know her!

The beautiful family.  They are expecting their 3rd in March!  How exciting! 

We took the party outside and the whole gang went sledding.  I had a blast following the girls around and snapping some shots!

One of my faves of the day!  Zira got in a snow fight with mom! 

I love Zira's expression here.  So excited and raw!
Snow is tasty!

The whole crew came in and enjoyed some warm beverages and some loving conversation.  It completed the day!

LOVE these cups!

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