My family and I just returned from a nice long vacation in Florida. We spent most of our days near the Gulf in Reddington Shores, but did spend a couple of days in Orlando. I took a ton of pictures, but here are some of my favorites!

Little baby toes and big daddy hands.
Annika and her shadow.
Bennett and daddy enjoying the sunset.
Bianca with sand on her nose.
My poor baby boy, he was just miserable. He spent 4 to 5 days with a fever and a cough. Poor kiddo.

Me in my husband's eyes.
Annika splashing around in the pool!
Enlarge the picture, tell me what you see in Bianca's eyes? This is not an optical illusion, it's a true reflection.
Annika being a "hawaii" girl.
I love little sandy toes.
Bennett, taking it all in.
Gorgeous red curls, anyone jealous yet? I am!
Bennett's first taste of sand!
Bianca enjoying the beach.
Sandy nose.

The beautiful sunset over the ocean.
My little Bianca sporting my shades.
Bianca sleeping on daddy on the plane. So sweet.

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