Mother's Day Spectacular!

May 10th is Mother's Day. That's about 2 months away! With Mother's Day comes spring as well! The smell of tulips and daffodils and fresh cut grass are just around the corner (wishful thinking!).

Beginning March 15th, I will be holding Mother's Day mini-sessions. Sessions will take place on every Sunday starting March 15th to April 19th. These sessions will consist of 1 hour of my time at the location of your choice. You will receive the Lifetime Package plus a complimentary storyboard ($65 value) for $215. That's $45 off of my package price. Additional storyboards are available for a discounted price of $50 with this session

I will only be scheduling 2 sessions per day to allow for for ample time with each family. You can schedule a session in multiple ways.

1. Call me. I love phone calls, just ask my husband (he pays my phone bill). 612.770.9175
2. Email me. Another excellent way to communicate. msauerphotography@gmail.com
3. Go here and fill out the contact form.

You are probably thinking that indoor photos are so restrictive and you'd rather wait until spring or summer when the scenery is abundantly green, right? Check out these pictures:

All taken inside. I'm a firm believer that surroundings don't make the picture. The subject is the most important part of a photo. I've also got tons more on my website: www.michellesauer.com.

If you are a husband, a father, a grandmother, a mother, or even a mother in waiting, contact me today to schedule your session. It's the perfect gift for that amazing mother in your life.

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