Life with the U Family {MN Lifestyle Family Photographer}

When Dawn contacted me last month to come to her house and photograph her family, I was more than thrilled. It was my chance to get back to my roots of photographing life as it happens. I had so much fun photographing these awesome kids. They were so full of life and you can see that in these photographs. I hope that these help the U family remember this day for a very long time!

These sisters are just beautiful.  They clearly love each other.  A sister is such an awesome gift to be given.

Brother Jake had to tickle them to make them laugh.  Little brothers :)

Jake is all boy.  He and I hung out in his car themed room.  He's such a handsome little guy!

Big sister Gracie is going to break some hearts someday.  Isn't she stunning?

And Riley, those freckles and blonde hair?  She'll be sure to turn heads.

Jake has already won my heart, only the first of many I'm sure!

We call this "blue steel".  LOL!

Gorgeous mama with her beautiful kiddos.  

Jake was getting some major air here.  Hopefully I didn't set a bad example by telling him to jump on his bed!
And you can't not get some footsie shots when kids are involved.  I just love feet.
I had such a great time with this beautiful family yesterday.  It felt good to photograph emotion.  It was a great way to start off my day.  I even managed to score some Girl Scout cookies from the little ladies!  YUM!

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