Favorites from 2010! {Lifestyle Photographer in MN}

I thought it would be fun to revisit some of the amazing sessions I did last year.  I feel so incredibly lucky to do what I do and to meet the awesome people I meet.  It was so hard to choose favorites from each month but it sure was fun looking back at my year in photos, enjoy!

Baby Sophia was the first client of the year.  She belongs to my awesome neighbor and friend Becky.  This picture is one of my all time favorites.  It's so timeless.

Wyatt and his beautiful mom.  I just adore how much love is in this shot.

Sweet baby Cole.  Cole belongs to my dear friend Ashley who also happens to be my amazing stylist!  I just love this boy.
Angie, not only is she beautiful, she also happens to be my husband's cousin.  I had such a blast photographing her for her senior pictures.  I really love the emotion in this shot, so dramatic and beautiful.

Of course now it gets tricky to pick just one, so May gets 2!  First up, the Sampson Family.  They are truly a beautiful family and I have enjoyed photographing their beautiful family a couple times now.  And, Harper is an absolute doll!
Then there is Jen and Steve, the first wedding I shot of the year.  I love this shot.  So timeless.

Tom and Jessica's wedding was one of the most peaceful and beautiful weddings I've ever been to.  It was pure joy photographing such an amazing day.

Again, I had to pick 2!  This first gal is Georgia, and this might be one of my all time favorite shots.  I love her eyes, I love her expression.  It totally exudes toddlerhood.  And she's absolutely stunning!
And this shot of my 3, I adore it, it's framed in an awesome Organic Bloom frame in the middle of my living room and will remain there until I pass, I promise you that!
This was a tough month since I had so many fabulous sessions to choose from, so sit back and relax, this is a long month
This first lady is Zoe, she is absolutely stunning and has got an awesome personality.  She made me work hard and I had a blast at her session.
And then there is this shot.  Silas, sweet silas has got the best baby butt ever.  I just love it.  
Amanda, one of my senior reps, happens to be an amazing dancer and this shot just wows me every time I look at it. 
And lastly, the Heidelberg family, one of my baby's first year families.  This shot makes me happy, I'm not sure why but I just love it :)
I spent a lot of time at the Rose Garden at Lake Harriet and every session warranted a new favorite of mine.

This shot is of Kelly and Coen, the emotion and color in this shot make me grin from ear to ear.  I absolutely love it.
And this little guy, another of my baby first year kiddos, I just adore this shot.  So sweet!
Then there is Finn, yet another of my babies first year babies.  This guy couldn't get any cuter.
Our dear friends got married in Hawaii and we got to witness it.  I love this shot, it reminds me of so many awesome feelings.  By far one of the best vacations I've ever had.
Dear Sweet Anna.  She was born premature 2 months early to one of my best girl friends and she is one of the cutest little babies ever!  Love her!
Little Lucy, well she's 18 months now, but she is still a little peanut and I adore her to pieces.  Just look at her!
And I couldn't leave out Silas.  He's been with me since before he was born and he just keeps getting cuter, and cuter, and cuter. 
And last, but certainly not least, the DeZell family.  This shot makes me smile, over and over again.  I love the action, the frozen moment in time, the fun that was had.  So many things to love about this shot!
2010 was an awesome year for Michelle Sauer Photography and I really couldn't have done it without my amazing clients and my awesome supporters.  Thank you so much for everything.  Here's to making 2011 even better!


  1. Adorable! I love each and every one of these! I lurrrve your sunflare too :) The one shot with the backdrop... is that folded up to be the backdrop as well as the floor? I haven't even used mine... took a few shots and then let a friend borrow them around Thanksgiving. HAHA! Havne't gotten them back from her yet.

  2. These are all gorgeous!!!! You are so talented!