My Favorite Baby {White Bear Lake Baby Photographer}

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in MN. Perfect weather if you ask me. My sister and I originally planned to take some pics of my sweetest nephew for his 6 month milestone, so when we headed to Tamarack Nature Center with the kiddos to play, I decided to snap a few there. 

This was Chan's first experience in the sand.  I'd say he makes a perfect beach baby!  Look at that belly!

If you ask me, there is nothing better than baby toes in the sand!

Then we wandered off and attempted a few "posed" shots and Chan was not having it!  He's got the most pathetic cry face.  It's too cute for words!

Later on, we headed home with our huge bunch of kids (mostly mine of course) and attempted a few more pictures.  Look, he's smiling!!!

And a few more inside since he seemed pretty happy again!

And a color picture for good measure.  My sweet Annika didn't want me to turn the pictures black and white because then nobody would know how beautifully blue Chandler's eyes were.  Such a sweetheart!

My sister and I sure create adorable kids, that's for sure.  We are incredibly lucky mamas!

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