Fields of Gold {White Bear Lake Family Photographer}

This morning I met up with friend and fellow photographer Laura for a family photoshoot swap!  It was a chilly morning, but the sun was stunning and created the most delicious light.  Everything seemed golden and it just goes to prove you don't need to shoot at dusk to get amazing colors. 

Meet the L family.  I've been shooting these guys for a long time and I so enjoy their beautifulness! 

Noah, what a handsome fella.  

I thought for sure this image screamed black and white but when I processed it, I was very torn.  Either way, it's a serene and timeless shot.
 Yeah, yeah, I went a little sunflare crazy here and while it's a bit overexposed, I just love the silliness of this shot.  It almost seems like nobody else is there to watch sweet Owen and he's just in his own little goofy world.

And sweet Avery.  She was not having it today, she wanted nothing to do with me, but that's ok, I snuck in a few shots of her!

I just love this perfectly imperfect shot.  You see, I get it!  I totally get it.  This is most likely what my family shots looked like.  Laura calls it organized chaos, not so sure about that but it's what a real family of 5 looks like, that's for sure!

Noah in the fields of gold.

Owen's turn!

Ahhh, so sweet!

Daddy and his boys!

Thanks so much for the fun morning Laura!  I definitely enjoyed shooting your family, I was much more comfortable behind the camera, that's for sure!


  1. Sweet, sweet, sweetness. And so impressed you get your previews done the day of...you truly rock. I love them, you captured their silliness, seriousness, moodiness...you caught it all.

  2. Beautiful photos! What a beautiful place for photos...one of my favorites as well :)