Dance, Dance, Dance {Lino Lakes Child Photographer}

My oldest baby had her first dance pictures tonight. Of course being the crazy mamarazzi I can't just let someone else take pictures of her so we held an impromptu mini-session in the studio. It was evening, the lighting was somewhat terrible but I couldn't resist because she looked so darn cute!

Ughh, color me green.  I am so jealous, she is just stunning.  How is it that I produced this beauty?

I grew up dancing and was at competitions every weekend.  I almost dreaded the long weekends, costumes, makeup, fake hair and money down the drain for this sport, but getting her ready tonight was quite enjoyable and now I'm quite excited about the prospects.  She felt so proud and danced so well tonight.  I think she truly felt special and beautiful.  When you feel good it truly shows.  I am so very proud of my sweet girl.  I can't wait until the recital!

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