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My sweet Annika Leigh is turning 4. I can't really wrap my mind around how she could possibly be that old, but alas, it is true. In one year, I will officially have a kindergartner and that is even more bizarre to me than the thought of my baby turning 4.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Annika as of late.

Her and her dirty feet. I just love them.

I just realized she is very serious in all those shots and while Annika is our more serious child, she is a funny and goofy little girl. She loves attention and really hams it up when she wants us to notice her! She's very loving and very inquisitive. She is an old soul with a young personality. I love her to peices and thank God every day that she made me a mother.

I also need to mention that my 2nd child, Bianca, will be celebrating her half birthday on Annika's birthday. Bianca was born exactly 18 months, to the day, after Annika. Bianca will be 2 1/2 and you'd think she was older. She speaks so well and acts much older than her age. I guess she's just taking cues from her older sis.
This look is all Bianca! She is a goofy little lady and makes me laugh every day!

Happy half birthday baby!

And of course I can't forget to mention this little man. He's not celebrating anything, but you can't leave him out! He's one crazy man and keeps his mom on her toes!
See, he looks like he's up to no good here, right?
And my fave of all time. I just love his chubby baby legs in his daddy's big shoes. Priceless!
Thanks for sharing in these amazing moments with me. And, in honor of Annika's birthday I would like to extend a limited time offer to any of you who would like to book your summer session with me. If you contact me by 11:59 pm on July 20th (Annika's birthday), you can take $100 off of the Lifetime Package. That's only $160 for your entire session on a disc! *** Hurry and don't delay. Go to www.michellesauer.com and fill out the contact form today. Or, email me at msauerphotography@gmail.com.

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