Being an Auntie Rocks! {Lino Lakes MN Newborn Photographer}

Before January, I was an auntie to only one sweet little guy, but I have been blessed to welcome two new nephews in just a matter of months and I must say, being an auntie is a pretty special calling. You get to love on some sweet little babes and then you can send them home when they get fussy :) I've been a mom to 3 little babies, I can say that! 

So my newest nephew is a super sweet little guy who is adored more than anything by his super amazing mama. She just happens to be my sister in law too and I couldn't be more happy for her. She plays her role as mama so darn well and I'm proud to be the auntie to sweet Bretton. 

Meet adorable Bretton.  

Like I've said before, I LOVE BABY FEET!

Isn't this perfect?

She's cherishing these moments when he's still so small.

Love baby butts.

Look how sweet he is!

Until he got mad!  I just love this shot.

Mama and her punkin.


Bretton buddy, welcome to the world!