Beautiful People {White Bear Lake MN Family Photographer}

This preview is only a few weeks late, but you know what they say, better late than never!

I had so much fun with this adorable family.  Sweet Jax is so incredibly smart and absolutely adorable.  Just look at those curls and those amazing eyelashes!

I just love his smooshed little face!


Ummm, future JCrew model?  Absolutely beautiful little man.


M Family {White Bear Lake Family Photographer}

This weekend was a quite lovely one for March in MN. The temps reached the upper 30's which made it feel like a heat wave. Needless to say, we could get in a successful family session sans coats for once! This family was super adorable and loving, it was a joy to meet them and capture some happy moments together. 


My Littles {White Bear Lake MN Child Photographer}

It's been a while since I took my kiddos out for a "formal" shoot and I didn't want to miss capturing them in the winter this year.  We headed to downtown WBL for more of an urban feel.  It was a tad chilly this morning, but the hot chocolate bribe and some warm ups in the car seemed to do the trick!  I'm loving these images and can't wait to get them on my walls!

My littlest guy, he's turning 5 next week!  WHAT?  How does that happen so fast?  He'll be starting kindergarten in the fall and has already lost his first tooth.  Sigh, time flies!

My oldest little lady!  Annika is 7.5 and as sweet as can be.  She's a smart, loving and compassionate little girl and I'm proud to be called her mama!

And my middle gal, Bianca.  This girl has so much spunk and passion in life.  She's dramatic and animated and I just adore her to bits!

They really do love each other!  At least when they aren't fighting!