Sweet Baby Girl {MN Baby Photographer}

April was back in the studio for some Whitney retakes, we needed to get some smiles from this little lady and sadly on her 3 month appointment she was teething! Yes, teething at 3 months! WOWZA! Anyway, she was still cute as can be and is even getting a little chub on her! Gotta love baby chub!

Whitney loves to suck on her fingers so it was really appropriate to get this shot!  Double timing it!

Sweet baby smiles!

Of course we had to get big bro Grant in some shots!  Check out that smile!

And other big bro Kevin!

And I couldn't resist a little collage of baby parts!


All grown up, sort of! {Minneapolis Child and Family Photographer}

Ok, so 18 months isn't all grown up, but it seems like it when you've been shooting a little guy for a year! Jake's Baby's First Year is up, but lucky me I get to start all over with baby #2! Congrats to Jessi and Jeff on their upcoming arrival!

Yesterday we ventured out to St. Anthony Main, it was a gorgeous day and the place was hopping. We had a good time wandering and shooting!  Jake was a dream, so smiley and happy!

And the beautiful preggo mama!  36 weeks!

And a little blooper for good measure!  Love it!


Mamarazzi {Minnesota Lifestyle Photographer}

I don't share a lot of my personal life here on my blog, I know I occasionally share pictures of the kiddos that I especially love, but not our everyday lives.  I am participating in Becky Higgins' Project Life due to the sheer amount of pictures I take of our day to day lives.  I love the idea of a mamarazzi and totally consider myself one, it just so happens I'm fortunate enough to be able to take quality pictures that document the details in my family's life.  

And because I feel fortunate to be able to do this, I'd love to share my ideas, tips and tricks on how you can better document the details of your life.  Since I don't share many of the mundane details of our life here, I thought I'd give you a better picture of how I shoot my own family.  Sure, I love doing the portraits for the milestones like birthdays, Christmas and other holidays, but what I truly love looking back on are the daily happenings.  

This is my month of February:

I can clearly remember each and every shot I took from Bennett's naked booty in front of his favorite place ever (the fireplace) to Bianca being a grump at the sock hop.  These pictures are what make up my life here at home.

These 2 are from a movie night we had about a month ago.  The kids were freshly bathed and all camped out on the carpet watching Tangled.  It was a nice sunny night and I love that I can remember that.

My family goes strawberry picking each June, these shots are from last year but I remember the day plain as day.  It started out windy and chilly and within minutes the sun was shining and the kids were devouring more strawberries than we could pick!  

I try to do the same for families I shoot as well.  It was a cold wintery day last December when I shot the D family.  We spent time in front of the fire reading books, checking out the kids' rooms, sledding and sipping hot chocolate.  What a great way to spend a session and getting to know another family.

And the W family, we also spent time checking out Georgia's room, jumping on the bed and swinging high.  It was a lot of fun.
This is just a small snippet of what I do and I want to teach you to do the same for your family.  Head on over here and check out all the details.  Then head over here and register!  What are you waiting for?


Workshops and Mentoring {Minnesota Lifestyle Photographer}

I've just announced my workshops and mentoring programs.  You can find all the details above in the menu bar, just click on mentoring or workshops to learn more!  I look forward to all the fun we can have!  

Please note, the date for the Your Camera and How To Use It workshop has not been determined yet and will depend on participants.  This will most likely happen in August or September though for planning purposes.  Dates for all the other mentoring sessions and workshops will be determined when you register since they will all be one on one and will be dependent upon both mine and your availability.  

Lastly, all one on one in person mentoring sessions (including the Mamarazzi Workshop) will only be available to local participants and a travel fee will be added if travel is beyond 50 miles of Lino Lakes. 

Now get shooting!


“Dance as though no one is watching you. Love as though you have never been hurt before. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven is on earth.”
- Alfred Souza

Henry {Minneapolis Newborn Photographer}

Like I said in the last post, I was a lucky lady in the studio on Saturday. This little guy followed my darling little one year old and he was such a dream. This is Henry and he is 3 weeks old. I didn't hear a peep out of him the entire time. He slept half the session and was awake for the other half. I got a good combo of sleepy baby boy and wide eyed baby boy. He made my job too easy!  He even gave me several good smiles!

Beautiful mama with her new baby boy!

And the lovely new family.

Roxy {Michelle Sauer Photography MN Child Photographer}

I was a very lucky this lady in the studio on Saturday, my day began with an adorable little lady named Roxy.  Roxy is turning one in a few weeks and she is just as cute as a little doll.  

Meet Roxy!


Workin' it {St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota Lifestyle Photographer}

I've been asked by several people if I would host a workshop again and my first response was "no way".  Of course I've been sitting on the idea now for a few weeks and I like the idea of it more and more.  The only real reason I would have to say no is because my life is so busy as it is and it won't be slowing down anytime soon. 

I already formatted one workshop and of course that would be the easy way to go since it's already all written up, however I've been tossing around ideas of workshops that are a bit more centered around how I shoot, how I document and how I edit.  Here are some of my ideas:

One on One Mentoring:  this could be done via phone, internet chat or in person, depending on your preference and location.  Of course the phone and internet mentoring would be cheaper than the in person mentoring, but the in person mentoring would be much more beneficial in my opinion.  The mentoring session would be completely individualized based on your needs as a photographer.

Your Camera and How to Use it: this would be strictly a workshop for teaching you how to use your camera correctly and effectively.

Mamarazzi Workshop: this would be solely for those mama's and papa's who want to learn the craft of lifestyle photography to take better photos of their families.  There should already be a base knowledge of how to work your camera in a manual setting so that we didn't have to cover that.

Now I ask you, what type of workshop would you want me to host?  I am looking for ideas so that I can formulate a plan of action.  Feel free to email me at msauerphotography@gmail.com with ideas and interest in any of these!

And just because I can't do a post without pictures, I call these "Life with Bianca".