I AM a MAMARAZZI {Photography Manual}

This is why I am a "MAMARAZZI" 

This is why I am a mamarazzi.  I may not remember the exact date of these images, but I will remember the slight hint of a sunburn, the dirty fingers and toes and the freckles, oh yes the FRECKLES!  I will remember the littles running in for $$$ for the ice-cream man (before dinner albeit), then carefully choosing their treat, attempting to thoroughly eat their dinner to eat said treat, and the sweetness of the 3 of them sitting together enjoying.  These moments is why I am a mamarazzi. 

So what's stopping you?  Buy Making of a Mamarazzi today for a discounted price of $70.  It only lasts til tomorrow!

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Making the Mamarazzi {Minneapolis Child Photographer}

My labor of love... Introducing the upcoming release of my brand new baby!

For the past 2 years this book has been a major labor of love.  It began when I started my workshops, I wrote a rough copy of what would eventually turn into "Making the Mamarazzi".  It started as a basic how to manual written for mama's who wanted to take better pictures, and it morphed into how to become the "mamarazzi" of your dreams.

Here's a little snippet of the contents:

This book is almost 50 pages of full color photographs (taken by me), a how to use your camera guide, how to compose those photographs you have always dreamed of and best yet, how to channel your inner mamarazzi and create beautiful memories of your family!  Please note, this book is NOT a manual on how to become a professional photographer, it is simply aimed at those of us who want to capture our families in a beautiful and memorable way.  So please don't expect tips on how to start or run a business.

The e-book is set to release on August 1st at a cost of $95.  However, if you pre-order between now and July 31st you will save yourself $25!  Your download will be available on August 1st (still going through a last and final edit).

This is a phenomenal deal, so if you want to snatch this up at a discounted price you should do it now!

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Everybody who purchases the ebook at the introductory offer will be eligible to win a free copy.  If you are the chosen winner, your payment will be refunded in full and you will walk away with your very own copy!  

Contest details:
1. Be sure you are a fan over on Facebook.
2. Purchase the E-book using the cart link above.  
3. Leave a comment here on this post with your email address and full name and tell me why you want to become a "mamarazzi".

And voila!  You are entered.  Winner will be announced on August 1st once the promotional period ends. 

Thanks to all of you in advance for your purchase!

Michelle Sauer
-self proclaimed "mamarazzi"


Emmett Turns One! {Minnesota Child and Family Photographer}

Last summer I took photos of Emmett as an itty bitty newborn and now he's ONE! 

Time sure flies, especially when this guy has been living in Sweden with his mom and dad!  I was so excited when they contacted me to take his one year pictures during their stay here in MN.  It was great to see little Emmett again, he's a sweet little guy!

Thanks Annette, Andrew and Emmett!  I hope you enjoy your trip and have safe travels back home!